These are pics of our 2 week adventure, skiing in Japan. We left Denver on 3/11/07 and returned to Portland on 3/23/07. We only got 6 days of skiing and fought jet lag like no one else!

img_2106_small.jpg img_2107_small.jpg img_2108_small.jpg img_2120_small.jpg
img_2121_small.jpg img_2122_small.jpg img_2123_small.jpg img_2124_small.jpg
img_2125_small.jpg img_2143_small.jpg img_2150_small.jpg img_2152_small.jpg
img_2153_small.jpg img_2154_small.jpg img_2155_small.jpg img_2159_small.jpg
img_2163_small.jpg img_2168_small.jpg img_2170_small.jpg img_2173_small.jpg

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